An event production company promoting concepts and design

Shaw & Co. is a big-thinking, full-service production agency

  • highly visible strategies
  • promotional campaigns
  • carefully curated experiential platforms for brands of all kinds

We offer a suite of end-to-end services creating innovative events to help promote our clients to their audiences.

Deeply grounded in the design industries, we offer and utilize a wide network of talent which we bring to a broad range of industries.

We are innovators in the fields of design and functional art, creating inspired marketing strategies for both trade and public awareness, and commercial and not-for-profit purposes.

Our productions include:

  • experiential events
  • public activations
  • film production
  • trade and corporate events
  • curated exhibitions
  • conferences and seminars
  • award and educational programs

From concept to strategy to development to production and management, Shaw & Co. delivers on the the biggest ideas to the most minute details and marries all elements into a focused message for you and your firm.

Ilene Shaw

Ilene Shaw, CEO, Shaw & Co.
Ilene Shaw, CEO, Shaw & Co.

Ilene Shaw is an innovator in design, branding and execution of multi-million dollar international events and exhibitions.

Shaw conceived and co-developed a variety of effective trade shows. With proven lasting impact and longevity, these fairs continue to provide enormous opportunities for manufacturers, retailers, designers and artists.

Shaw founded and produces Design Pavilion, a cultural event in Times Square bringing design and innovation in an experiential way to millions of visitors. In conjunction with Design Pavilion, Shaw produces Design Talks NYC offering inspirational topics by some of today’s most insightful design thinkers.

Shaw conceived of and co-developed the ICFF: International Contemporary Furniture Fair; the premiere annual event in New York City that has influenced energetic satellite design activities citywide, leading to an official NYCxDESIGN design week initiative, for which Shaw now serves on its Steering Committee.

Shaw co-developed Accent on Design, a division of NY NOW. Also for NY NOW, Shaw leads its initiative Sustainability: Design for a Better World through exhibitions and a seminar series.

As a senior advisor, Shaw helped to spearhead the CODAawards, honoring the collaboration between design, architecture and art.

In addition to the wide variety of trade and retail art and design promotional events, Shaw has a diverse international clientele, including Campbell Soup, Burger King, George P. Johnson Experiential Marketing,, and Nissan Motor Company.

Devoted to the advocacy of good design

We are a seasoned team of leading talent with a wide range of expertise to ensure winning results. And to all our projects, we bring a gift for:

  • creative thinking
  • inventive problem solving
  • cutting-edge technology
  • proficient organization and management

Many professional partners collaborated on the work produced by Shaw & Co. and we gratefully acknowledge our brilliant staff and some of our most valued contributors over the years:

Harry Allen creative direction and design

Alexandra Ballensweig design

Stephen Belliveau graphic design‍

Chrissy Brennan administration‍

Brenda Collins administration‍

Julie Flanders business development‍

Emanuela Frattini Magnusson architecture and design‍

M. Louis Goodman architecture and design‍

Bente Hanslien admin and operations‍

Bob Levine audio production

Brian Maloney PR and advertising

Pam Manela public relations

David Marin design and fabrication

Marianne McNamara project direction

Matthew Morris creative direction

Melissa Nettles graphic design and advertising

Falyn Onifather project management‍

Gail Rigelhaupt creative direction
and branding‍

Michael Robinson operations and merchandising‍

Nancy Thiel architecture and design‍

Corinne Trang food consultation

Alex Vlack video production